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The MTT's collection of former Liverpool Corporation (LCPT) buses, ranging from one of the first post war AECs right through to the last bus delivered to the Corporation in 1969, is probably the country's most representative preserved collection from a municipal bus fleet.  The collection also includes a growing number of buses from the Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive (MPTE) fleet, which operated most of the bus services on Merseyside between December 1969 and October 1986, and the MPTE's successors; Merseybus, MTL and Arriva. In addition to these, we also have a couple of former Crosville Motor Services buses, Crosville being at one time a large operator on Merseyside.



Sadly, the Covid-19 crisis has forced the cancellation of all our public events during 2020.  Hopefully we will be able to run the bus service for LightNight in Liverpool next June, and hold our Open Day at Burscough in July and our Running Day in Liverpool in September, as well as participating in other events around the north of England during 2021.  When these are finalised, details will appear on this page of our website.


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Details of how to join us are on the "Membership" page of this website.  Members will receive a superb quarterly newsletter, although it has grown to be more like a paperback book in recent years!


Latest news - our website

For years we had used a domain name ( under subscription from 1&1 Ionos. Recently we discovered that this (and several other domains registered to our webmaster) had been "transferred" (hacked!) and no longer worked.  One, belonging to another charity in Liverpool, was discovered to lead to a Japanese porn site!  So we obtained the new domain from another source and this seems to be working well.  This also meant that we lost all our customised email addresses. From now on, please send all correspondence to [email protected] and it will be directed to the right person to answer you.  Then we were informed that Adobe will cease support of their Flash Media Player (needed to view our website) at the end of the year, so we seized the opportunity to rebuild the entire website using a different programme, in a simplified format.  We hope you like it.  If you spot any errors or have suggestions to improve it further, please tell us.  You can contact the webmaster directly at [email protected]


Bus hire

We receive many enquiries about hiring buses for weddings and events.  Unfortunately, as we are a charity concerned with vehicle preservation, all our buses are historic items.  We do not hold an Operator's Licence, and therefore cannot use any of our buses to carry passengers for hire or reward - sorry!  But the Merseyside Transport Trust has supplied buses for the film & television industry for a number of years.  We can help for appearance work, especially in film, TV and exhibitions. We have vehicles that are historically accurate from the 1940s to the 1980s - so if your street scene requires a bus, then we can help.  Items from our collection can be available with sufficient notice.  Even some of our smaller objects can be hired as props - maybe you need to place that street conversation scene at a 1950s Liverpool bus stop, or you need a bus just in the background, maybe your bus conductor needs a ticket machine from that era?  For all your hire or appearance requirements please contact us (details below).


The history of the Merseyside Transport Trust

The Merseyside Transport Trust (MTT) was set up on 1st May 1999 to bring together people with a common interest in saving, restoring and preserving historic vehicles and associated items from the Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive, its constituent corporation fleets and other operators within the Merseyside Area, so that former passengers and the general public will remember them and be able to look back on them.  In addition, future generations will have an opportunity to learn about the historic development of the design of buses in the Merseyside area over the years, and to understand and appreciate, as part of the educational process, the predecessors of the vehicles that they come to use or observe on a daily basis.  The MTT inherited a number of vehicles, spares and other transport related memorabilia along with the use of three of the four old aircraft hangers that the M&CBPG rented on the disused airfield at Burscough in West Lancashire, approximately 15 miles north of Liverpool.  We have since moved into superb new premises adjacent to the airfield, where our annual open day now takes place.


Contacting us

The easiest way to get in touch is by sending an email to: [email protected] .  Our secretary will forward your message to the right person to answer your queries.  You can also write to us at our registered address below or send a message through our Facebook page.


Legal stuff

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